What are we doing now?

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Since I couldn't get the page targeted properly,  despite repeated attempts,  the navigation is interrupted .  I got the builder's blog to work right  by using the same techniques, but this  NEWS page is being  uncooperative. I don't have time anymore since work is picking-up at this time. Looks like a busy year ahead, after a slow winter.


Working on the web again. Changing frames pages on MS front page is awkward and frustrating.  I have made some progress, so, like a gambler, I keep trying to win.


We're still painting the living room, I'm working on repairing this website,  I just signed-up for google my business, and the phone is starting to ring by word-of-mouth.  My ad on google has had over two thousand views, but no calls yet.


I'm playing around with frames pages today because some of my pages didn't show-up as frames pages, but opened as a new page, i.e. The builders blog, Solar Collectors,  and siding repairs.  When you click on those, you leave the navigation, so you have to use your back button, or close the tab to return to the menu.  I spent several hours experimenting and studying, and this page is the result.  I now know how to do it, sort of. It took about four hours. Next I will try to fix the navigation for those pages. But not today.

I built this site before 2002, with a primitive version of Microsoft Front Page. Then we moved to a new old house, and I became overwhelmed by the tasks I was facing: growing my business, moving my shop and my house, living out of boxes for two years, and restoring this old farmhouse.  I couldn't keep-up with all the work, so I enlisted the help of Andrew, who worked on the website for me until he went away. Then the site was allowed to lie fallow until last year, when I finally screwed-up my resolve to update the whole thing.  First I had to fix some of the links. Some of the pictures are still missing, due to the fact that they were on photographic paper, not digital, and I still haven't found some of those pictures in a box somewhere. Thousands of  my photographs of my work,  and thousands of books (inherited from my late parents) are still unsorted, in dozens or scores of boxes. I was not reading my e-mail because I ran-out of time. I found a couple of boxes of photographs, but didn't find the time to look through them. I moved a baby grand piano to my new house, but failed to use it for such a long time that I've lost any facility to play, and also lost the music books that I used to play by.  I'm not very adept, so I can't play by ear. When I was living alone I was getting better, but now I see that time is finite and my desires are infinite. There are many things that I may not have time for in my life. However, when I finally retire from working, I will have lots to do, unlike some of my acquaintances who don't know what to do with themselves when they retire.

We spent a lot of time restoring this old house, and a lot more time landscaping and planting fruit and nut trees and cultivating a mushroom garden. (Only shiitakes were successful, but it was fun.) It's nice to be able to do some gardening when time allows.

We've been installing hardwood flooring for over forty years! Here are our new living room floor, casings, baseboards, and windows.




Light stain to match the old floors, and Bacca Glitsa Swedish floor finish which lasts a good twenty years or more!

Rebuilding the mantlepiece, and tiling over the brick with marble.