Outside of window began to rot at the bottom. After restoring the wood, I wrapped the jamb and sill with aluminum for a permanent repair.



This two-piece copper gutter developed holes after a hundred years. Only the inner trough was perforated; the outer decorative cover remained intact. So I fixed the inside with an EPDM rubber liner.


Checking for a good fit before grouting the joint.



The old tarred chimney flashing was a mess, and the saddle was made of shingles  that were rotting, so I replaced it all with a wide enough piece of copper flashing to cover-up  the  unsightly tar that had been used. The copper also extends across the large saddle, as you can see. This configuration sheds debris very well, which is important because of three nearby trees towering above the house


Replacing stairs:

Replace the old basement stairs with a nice oak stairway

While this is a sort of repair, it's actually a complete renovation of the solid, old farmhouse.